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Profile Updated: July 2, 2011
Residing In: Killeen, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Arthur H. Trujillo
Occupation: Educator
Children: Now it is July of 2011, and reading what I wrote before; it amazes me that any one can cope with life's More…tragedies and go on. Just returned from California after visiting our Michelle and her Jeff. They were wonderful hosts and ran our legs off.
Life continues for us here in Killeen, Texas. It's amazing how quickly the time goes by. It will be a year since Arthur passed away, but it seems like it was yesterday. He left quite a legacy in our town, and I am trying my darnest to continue helping where I can.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were difficult, but we made it through. We reminisced about all our years as a family and had lots to eat.

These last few months have been busy. After returning from the reunion, we dealt with Arthur's brother's death, Arthur's pneumonia, and then the news that Arthur's pneumonia was not that at all. After receiving the news that he had small cell lung cancer, we settled into a routine of lots of lab work, this scan or that scan, and began the first round of chemo. Three months later, we have the good news that the lung tumor has decreased in size, that his lymph nodes are not as active, and that his bone lesions' activity has also lessened. We start the second round of three, three-day treatments of chemo tomorrow. It's a cycle, but Art's oncologist and his staff at Scott & White Killeen Cancer Center have pulled off a miracle. They brought a man who, the kids and I did not think would make it to Thanksgiving, back to life. We had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We'll do another three months, and then another three months, and then whater comes our way.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas season.

Unfortunately, it was not to be too long after the new year that Arthur's cancer took him. He passed away February 5th, but his death really happened February 1st at home. The doctors tried everything, but he never regained conciousness; two bloodclots reached his heart. We buried him on February 9th at the Texas Veterans Cemetery here in Killeen. It's a beautiful place!

I am busy trying to do what he did. I ran for his place on the school board and won. I'm also on the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Communities in Schools, KISD Education Foundation Board, and the Loan Committe of our Credit Union. He did a lot of work, and I can only try. Of course, I'll continue my affiliation with Girls Scouts.

So life goes on as many of us know.

Dr. Laura A. Trujillo-Jenks, born 1969, Professor at Texas Woman's Universtiy; Air Force LTC Paul M Trujillo, of Randolph AFB, San Antonio born 1971; Michelle C. Trujillo-Wulf, born 1979; ABC Productions, Los Angeles. 5 beautiful grandchildren

I married Arthur in 1968 and left Roswell to join him in his U.S. Army career. Consequently, I was privileged to see him serve our country until 1989, when he retired. Because I followed him to our different duty stations I was fortunate enough to work in different school systems throughout the United States and Germany. In 1980, we came to Ft. Hood, Texas; and I was able to join the Killeen Independent School District. I taught five years in a middle school before becoming an Assistant Principal at another middle school. Five and 1/2 years later, I became the Coordinator for Certified Personnel. Two years later, I became Principal of one of 29 elementary schools; eight years later, I opened our 30th elementary school, Maxdale Elementary School, and three years after that, our Superintendent afforded me the opportunity to open Audie Murphy Middle School on Fort Hood. Since my son graduated from the Air Force Academy, we naturally had to select the Falcon as our mascot:small, feisty, powerful.

School Story:

All my life, I have been associated with the military and education. What a way of life: to serve the children whose parents are giving so much to keep our country safe. The first year that the war started in Afghanistan, I held my heart in my hand as my son served as a C-130 pilot in that war; I saw my son go two more times, none of which was easy. Although I had seen Arthur go to war, my Paul's deployments were more difficult. My handsome husband tried to hide his fears for his son and to shield me as much as he could. Although it did not work, I let him think it did because he could take a little solace from that.
So my favorite school story really has to do with the babies whom we help deal with the constant deployments. We can have up to 85% of our children with one or two parents deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan at any one time (around 97% of the students at Audie Murphy are military dependents. I guess all of this reminds me of the young people dressed in their AF uniforms and parading around Roswell.

Then there is the education business part. I believe that some of my teachers at Roswell High might have instilled a strong desire in me to become a teacher. Being the "New Kid On The Block," became the impetus for trying to be the best teacher I could be in any of the districts where I taught and later the best Principal I could be.

I'll be closing my career at the end of this school year after 35 years in education. I feel proud of the fact that I took my first elementary school and left it "Recognized" 4 out of the eight years I was its principal. After we opened Maxdale, we left it Recognized 3 out of the 3 years we were there. It took us a little more in opening Audie Murphy as this is the first year we have received the rating of "Recognized." We are the only "Recognized" Secondary School in the KISD.

Yes, we all receive awards, and I have had a few, but the best have come from children, a drawing, a card, a hug, and lots of stories of how "we" at such and such school made them tow the line, which is why they became a teacher, a doctor, and yes, even a C-130 pilot (the last I heard from him was through my son).

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:21 PM
My Laura's family:husband,Kenny,and daughters, Alexandria (Alex) and Jordan, at our (7 of us from Audie Murphy) retirement party.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:21 PM
My Paul's family:wife, Christie, sons, Zachary(Zach) and Jacob, and daughter, Katherine (Katie).
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:21 PM
My daughter, Michelle, and Katie while she and Alex visited Paul's family in Hawaii.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:21 PM
My husband, Arthur, and Michelle at our retirement party.